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ACHM2® Scalp Pigmentation Training
The Flagship Choice


Scalp pigmentation is now highly recognized as a hair loss solution and the global market for scalp micropigmentation has exploded, as have training courses. As the demand for services expands, so does the need for appropriate education. However, equipment, touch, supplies, and above all, training is paramount when selecting the education facility to become a professional in this self-satisfying and financially rewarding field. The scalp pigmentation industry for training actually widely teaches incorrect techniques and on-line programs that don't translate into real-world situations. Students don't have the ability to realistically prepare for scalp pigmentation before they have an actual live client.

Mark Weston of Artistry Concepts has been helping men with hair loss since 2009 and was the innovator of scalp micropigmentation in the United States. Practicing as a sole artist, he has been unable to help as many men as he would like. Therefore, Mark Weston of Artistry Concepts is elated to now offer training programs to novices, permanent cosmetic and tattoo professionals in order to reach more men needing help. Learn the ACHM2® from world-renowned scalp pigmentation researcher, developer and patent holder himself, Mark Weston. Since the groundbreaking deployment of the ACHM2® in December of 2009, Weston has received global recognition. M. Weston Educational Center is already being acclaimed as the “flagship” of scalp pigmentation training.




Weston’s curriculum and equipment will assist you in achieving results like these.


Weston’s passion and excitement for this industry will heighten your awareness and devotion to new levels. Like the scalp pigmentation field itself, the number of trainers and instructors is exploding. Unfortunately, some of these trainers have little or no experience themselves in this true art. Weston’s graduates will leave with more knowledge and skill than instructors that call themselves experts or masters. These courses are designed to surpass simple “training” courses, they are designed to be actual educational courses, to provide the student with a true understanding of the science and art required to be a superior scalp pigmentation artist.

If you are seeking to be trained in the exciting field of scalp micropigmentation and searching for the educational facility with the experience, trustworthiness and affordable tuition, The M. Weston Educational Center offers the following:


  • Personal Education and Training by Mark Weston
  • Trained on Weston's Proprietary ACHM2® Equipment and Method
  • Five Day Classroom Training
  • Six Month Apprenticeship
  • Extended and Complete 300 Page Instruction Manual
  • Graduate Incentive Program
  • Complimentary Refresher Course
  • Educational Financing
  • Option to Become a Team Colleague


As Weston is spearheading proposed regulations for scalp pigmentation, these educational courses are designed as a blueprint to prepare students for any future regulations in this field. Weston’s graduates will already be on the ground floor with the proper training and education.